Facilities & Securities

Archive Corporation utilizes state of the art access into their building and vault facilities.  Only key employees have round-the-clock access to handle client needs after normal business hours.

archive corp storage vehicles for delivery and distribution of records and archives.

NARA Approved Facility for guaranteed safety

Since 2009 Archive Corporation has been an approved N.A.R.A. facility meaning that our building is held to the rules and regulations of 36 CRF Part 1234. As of spring 2012, Archive Corporation is 1 of 19 recognized approved facilities in the United States. The storage areas are in compliance with regulatory enforcement of reports and records for critical and non-critical documents.  In a space saving effort when you are short on space, all records can be staged at Archive Corporation within approved areas on pallets until your staff is able to visit the facility to have items shelved accordingly.

The Data Vault has been constructed as a concrete room inside the existing building.  This area has concrete poured or fire retardant foam filled concrete blocks, a steel faux roof with concrete and 12-18″ of insulation above that prior to the main roof of the building. There is a separate air-conditioning unit that covers the 5000 square foot room to maintain both temperature and humidity.  Additionally, there is both Halon and water sprinklers in the event of a disaster.

landscape image of n.a.r.a approved facility in Florida.

Unique items that we have added & changed over the years:

Our roof flashing is curved so the wind of a hurricane has less chance to pull it off the building. We have our own filling station that is used in day to day operation.  It holds enough fuel to run the entire company at full load for up to 30 days. In addition to hurricane rated bay doors, we have added steel beams that go horizontally across with plywood to be strategically placed between the bars and doors for added security. For the only windows in the building, there are specifically made hurricane barriers that are corregated so that the winds cannot grab them.

Archive Corporation attended and completed Prism International’s Privacy + training program in May of 2012 and will be held accountable for annual reviews to these standards.