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The Archive Corp Story

Solutions Born Out of Necessity

Way back when, in the early 80’s Don and Barb were proprietors of a company that stored all of their critical backup information on 12′ floppy disks.  Partly out of necessity and partially because there was no other option, every night they put them (the backups) into a suitcase and took them home every nightly as part of their “data protection” plan.

One day, Don said to Barb, “If we’re taking our backups home, then other business owners must be doing the same thing. We can’t be alone. Surely other business owners must have a need for a better solution.”  Don and Barb’s family quickly became a sounding board for their idea.  In going over different idea’s one family member, he voiced that the firm he worked for did off-site backups with a third party vendor. Seeing this need in their own business and the potential need in other businesses birthed the idea of Archive Corporation as an archival media storage and rotation firm. 

A unique beginning

Our early origin and evolution makes us unique in the Records and Information Management industry.  Unlike other service providers, we cut our teeth on the vault side of the business.  This provides us with a unique perspective for understanding the importance managing, protecting and preserving data no matter in which format it resides. 

Growth based on client needs

Further down the timeline, a client asked if we stored paper records and the answer was, “sure we do.”  As a result, we added document storage and management to an already growing list of core competencies.  Since then Archive Corporation has not only expanded its data protection solutions to include Cloud Backup and Co-Location and Data services but also the following records management related solutions:

  • Active File Management
  • Specialized Records Storage
  • File Indexing and Inventory Services
  • Document Scanning and Imaging
  • Shredding and Destruction

Each solution is tailored to our client’s specific needs and enhanced by robust technology to ensure information security and regulatory compliance. 

Our evolution continues

It’s certainly been an interesting journey and we’re not done yet!  The next part of the story has yet to be written, but we’re confident that it will continue in much the same way – with both existing and potential clients looking to us a resource for meeting their business needs. 

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