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Co-Location & Data Hosting

The unpredictability of disaster facilitates the need for a comprehensive information security plan.  When a catastrophic event strikes, you need to be able to recover in the most efficient manner in order to minimize downtime to your operation.  However, adequately protecting your business applications and IT infrastructure requires a considerable investment in capital, infrastructure and administrative staff.  Archive Corporation’s Data Center and Colocation services provide your organization with a solution for mitigating business disruption and minimizing the potentially devastating effects of disaster.

Tampa’s Data Center
Archive Corporation allows you to achieve maximum security and comprehensive continuity for your mission critical data without costly in-house capital expenditures.  Our data center is equipped with:
  • Multiple active power and cooling equipment
  • Redundant connectivity infrastructure
  • Biometric access control
  • Halon fire suppression system
  • Temperature and humidity regulation
  • 24/7, 365 security monitoring
  • Dedicated rack and caged server space
After conducting an on-site risk assessment, we’ll provide you with a detailed plan for the migration of your critical infrastructure to our managed facilities with a focus on minimizing transitional disruptions to your organization.  Once the transfer has taken place, you can rest assured of ever reliable business continuity.
Ensured continuity with colocation

The effectiveness of backing up your business data is only as strong as the steps you take to make sure that your information is secured and preserved in a safe environment. Have you considered what may happen to your data in the event of:

  • An office fire?
  • A flood in your business park?
  • Any catastrophic incident that prevents you from accessing your facilities and IT infrastructure?
The reality is fire, floods, and freak accidents can happen at any time, potentially paralyzing your daily business operations.  Businesses in the Tampa area are especially vulnerable, given the common occurrence of hurricanes.  As a result, protecting your vital business data is of the utmost importance.

As your data protection partner, Archive Corporation also provides secure offsite storage for both your primary and backup servers in our secure vault facility.  Beyond the necessary rack space you may need, it ensures that your business always has the necessary bandwidth, power and security for seamless business connectivity.  Our colocation services are the optimal solution for small businesses and corporations alike, including the following industries:

  • Healthcare
  • Legal
  • Government
  • Financial
  • Educational
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