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Total Recall Login BoxIn an ever evolving business environment, the ability to access information quickly and on your own time is paramount.  The Archive Corporation Web Portal is available any time of day and can be accessed securely with an individual unique login ID and password.  Data is live, providing you with a snapshot of everything you currently have stored offsite.  Query options allow you to instantly view inventory with any number of parameters that include but are not limited to: date, name, range information, and many others.  While our staff relies largely on the barcode number that we provide for each unique item, you do not have to change the way that you name your media.  Long lists of numbers may be great if you have hundreds or thousands of tapes, but what if you only have a rotating set of daily tapes?  You can name your media however you wish and then enter that “Alternate ID” in the field provided on the site.

Not only does the inventory management feature of the Archive Corporation Web Portal give you a plethora of ways to view your media, but users also have the ability to place both offsite and return orders.  Once logged in, users are directed to their destination with easy to understand tabs like: request from offsite, send offsite, search, among others.  Placing an order is as easy as point and click.  Sending media offsite prompts for additional input of the Alternate ID as well as the Return Date when necessary.  Large orders consisting of 100+ units can be easily pasted into an on screen text box, the list will run against your inventory, and after a couple of confirmation clicks, our staff begins to process your order.

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