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Tape Exchange & Rotation

With Archive Corporation’s media exchange services, you can rest easy knowing that our qualified representatives will safely and securely transport your media to our facility and back to you when you need it most.  Whether you utilize tapes, hard drives, compact disks, or any other form of backup media, Archive has the tools and experience necessary to fulfill this need.

Scheduled Media Exchange:
Daily, Weekly, and Monthly scheduled media rotations are available, as well as some custom rotations.  Archive Corporation will send a uniformed associate to your office to retrieve the media that you wish to store in a safe, offsite environment.  Archive uses lockable cases to deter tampering and protect the media from debris and foreign contaminants.  The cases are also shock/impact resistant and protect from temperature/humidity extremes.  Regardless of what you want to store offsite, we have a case to suit your needs.
Special Media Exchange:
You can’t plan your disasters, but Archive can help you be better prepared for them.  Archive Corporation offers special media exchange services in the event that you need to access your offsite media before your next scheduled pickup.  You can reach an Archive associate 24 hours a day/7 days a week.  An emergency after hours request will be processed so that your media should arrive in less than three hours from the moment we speak with you, no matter where in the Tampa Bay area you may be.
Media Tracking Continuity:
The last thing anyone wants to do is add more work to their routine, yet media tracking is as important to the process as encryption is to tape security.  They go hand in hand.  To streamline the tracking of the vaulting process, Archive Corporation offers a variety of methods for you to track your rotating media.  Three-part paper manifest forms are supplied at no cost.  Alternatively, email is constantly monitored during business hours providing you with the means to quickly send a verification list or pickup request.  A final means of media tracking is available via the Archive Web Portal on this site.  No matter which option you choose, Archive maintains these records in the event that you have an audit or for any other purpose.  This information will only be released to authorized representatives of your firm.

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