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Records Management Technology

Login ScreenHaving detailed information about your offsite inventory can help to better manage your records and meet regulatory compliance.  As part of our turnkey records management solutions, Archive Corporation offers user friendly records storage technology that allows for the secure and efficient tracking and management of your offsite inventory.

Our online client module allows you to securely access your offsite inventory over the Internet with any standard web browser. You have the ability to:

  • Place orders for delivery
  • Track the status of orders
  • Run queries
  • Print reports
  • View digitally imaged documents
With the web portal, improved Records Management for your business is just a click away!

Efficient, convenient retrieval through the web
There’s no denying you’re busy; during the course of your day every minute counts.  We help you to maximize your productivity by facilitating a quick and easy way to request your critical business files from our Records Center.  Archive Corporation’s secure web portal interfaces directly with our inventory management database so that you can get the exact data you need at any given time.

When you need a file, simply login with a user name and password and you’re granted instantaneous access to your offsite inventory.  Security levels can be customized to individual users within your organization in order to restrict or authorize accessibility.  You have the ability to view and sort your business records according to:

  • Box description
  • Department
  • Retention period
  • Destruction date
Once you choose the record you need, one of our professional team members will scan it from its assigned location within our Records Center, place it on one of our alarmed, GPS tracked vehicles and securely deliver it directly to your office.
An online tool that enhances your compliance
In addition to enhancing your productivity through improved records management practices, Archive Corporation also helps your business meet the demands of regulatory obligations.  Since it’s necessary to be able to account for the entirety of your business data at any given time, the web portal gives you the ability to produce a documented audit trail for your offsite records inventory.  Enhanced reporting capabilities allow you to see detailed box history and activity which strengthens your regulatory and legal compliance.  Reports and index fields can be customized to meet your specific business needs.

The online interface puts you in the driver seat for improved records management by providing you with a powerful online tool to manage your offsite inventory!  To find out more, please contact us by phone or fill in the form on the page.

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