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Once you’ve converted your documents to an electronic format you have a responsibility to properly store, manage, and protect that data.  Your digital files may consist of:

  • Vital business documents
  • Legal records
  • Mission critical information
  • Confidential documentation
Enabling and protecting digital content
Just because your data doesn’t reside in a traditional hardcopy format, doesn’t mean that corporate due diligence with regards to information management goes out the door.  Archive Corporation provides you with a turnkey solution for protecting and managing your electronic documents, while saving you from having a making a costly investment in document management software.  Our strategic partnership with Digitech and Cranel Imaging enables us to implement a comprehensive system to help you manage the entirety of your digital content.

We provide clients throughout Greater Tampa Bay Area and surrounding counties with an online image repository that ensures enhanced information security while also eliminating the need for:

  • Dedicated server space
  • IT administration
  • Backup and hosting responsibility
Furthermore, there’s no need for you to invest in additional hardware and/or software.  A secure, encrypted web interface – ImageSilo – ensures that your electronic information is always just a mouse click away.  Our centralized, online database provides your business with the accessibility you need, streamlining your operational processes through flexible sharing and collaboration among numerous end users across various locations.
Enhanced accessibility, strengthened information security
Along with enhanced accessibility, you also achieve strengthened information security and compliance.  ImageSilo allows you to implement information policies with multiple layers of security and features tracking and automation tools to ensure proper procedures.  This robust technology also features:
  • Security controls
  • User activity logs
  • Document history
  • Records retention policies
You receive the ultimate, comprehensive, documented audit trail for all of your business information.
Supporting your Disaster Recovery plan
In the event of a catastrophic event, you need to know that your data is protected and recoverable.  ImageSilo provides you with that peace of mind by providing you with a centralized repository that allows you to retrieve critical data from any location with an online connection.  Additionally, you have the ability to automate your data backups by sending encrypted copies to a secure, remote location.  All data stored in our image repository is encrypted to meet the HIPAA and HITECH requirements.  Your information is monitored and safeguarded 24/7.

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