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Project Scanning

Document Scanning and Computer MonitorLook around your office – most likely you are surrounded by a number of filing cabinets which act as a repository for your business files.  How much time do you spend searching for and refilling documents?  What if you could recapture that lost productivity and apply it to more productive critical endeavors?  You may have even considered scanning your files for easier access but that too takes time – time that you don’t necessarily have.

Don't have time or resources for your scanning project?
You’re not alone.  Many businesses have notions of going “paperless” but lack the time and resources necessary for a successful conversion.  Archive Corporation allows you to realize a more efficient and organized way to manage your business information.  Our project scanning service is the perfect solution for scanning and converting a set number of active files to improve your workflow processes and allows you to realize the following benefits:
  • Recaptured office space
  • Lowered costs for managing on-site paper copies
  • Improved sharing and collaboration of documents
  • Faster access to business records
Providing your business with imaging expertise
Our project scanning services are characterized by a detailed multi-step process marked by a thorough initial consultation that allows us to best understand your organizational needs. We’ll assess the following criteria:
  • Indexing requirements
  • Search prerequisites
  • Accessibility and sharing needs
  • Security requirements
Once we’ve designed a plan for your project, your business documents are transferred to our secure document scanning facility where they are prepped for scanning.  High speed, production grade scanners then capture and convert your hard-copy data. Each step of the way, quality control procedures ensure that each data image is precisely captured.

Indexing software allows for your data to be organized into customized index fields so that documents can be quickly and easily located when you need them.  Quality control procedures, such as double entry, ensure that information is entered precisely as it is on the original document.  Once completed, the electronic documents can be transferred to your preferred document management database.

Realize the benefits of improved document management
Once your files have been merged into a centralized repository you have the ability to utilize living documents that can be accessed, shared, and tracked across multiple remote locations which allows for simultaneous viewing amongst end users in completely different locations.  And of course, you’ll always be able to easily locate and retrieve your files.

Security driven scanning solutions

Archive Corporation is committed to preserving the security of your business records during the conversion process.  Our experts are trained to handle private and confidential information while strict chain of custody protocol is maintained each step of the way.  Our project scanning solutions meet the requirements of HIPAA/HITECH, FACTA, GLB and SOX and help minimize security breaches associated with paper records.

See why businesses throughout the Greater Tampa Bay Area and surrounding counties look to Archive Corporation for meeting their project scanning needs.  To find out more about more, please contact us by phone or fill in the form on the page.

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