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Support Services

As part of our comprehensive suite of Records and Information Management services, Archive Corporation also offers clients throughout Greater Tampa Bay Area and surrounding counties with the following ancillary solutions:

During our initial consultation we’ll discuss with you the necessity for either implementing one of these on an individual basis to meet a highly specific need or integrating them in combination with one of our other services as part of a comprehensive, turnkey answer.

Secure shredding Services

In partnership with our strategic partner, Accu-Shred, we offer our clients AAA NAID Certified destruction for the secure disposal of confidential business information.  Archive Corporation will help implement a shredding solution that meets and exceeds regulatory requirements for privacy protection.  We offer a variety of shredding containers that allow for the secure disposal of paper documents and files within your office.  These include the following sizes to meet your specific needs:

  • Grey office consoles
  • 35 gallon shred bins
  • 65 gallon shred bins
Once your containers are filled (weekly, monthly or on demand) we’ll transport them to our Records Center where they are emptied into gay-lords, shrink wrapped and transported to Accurate for cross-cut bailing and re pulping.  We even offer the secure disposal of microfilm and microfiche through a similar cross cut and incineration process.  If you are a medical provider with a need for the disposal of confidential x-rays, we’ll also destroy those for you in thorough process which allows the extraction and recovery of silver elements.

Confidential media and hard drive destruction

Magnetic media and digital storage devices can also be compromised easily and thus have become prime targets for identity theft. Even if devises are inoperable, private data can still be extracted.  Our media and hard drive destruction services eliminate the risk of exposure during the disposal process and meet HIPAA and HITECH requirements for the proper disposal of digital data.  We provide a destruction method which renders the complete elimination of your electronic information.

Logistic forms and fungible management

Our tracking and inventory systems allow us to be an integral partner to you in meeting your logistics forms and fungible management needs.  Whether you have bulk materials or material fulfillment requirements, we provide you with a secure, integrated solution.  We offer the necessary expertise and security to help you achieve your supply and distribution goals. 

To find out more about our any of our related services, please contact us by phone or fill in the form on the page.