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Logistics Forms & Fungibles Mgmt

When you’re looking for a trusted, strategic partner for your corporate supply and distribution needs, Archive Corporation provides you with the solutions you need.  We’ve applied our expertise in Records and Information Management best practices to serving as Tampa’s premier resource for security, storage, retrieval and transportation of business materials.

Our tracking and inventory systems allow us to be an integral partner to you in meeting your logistics forms and fungible management needs.  Whether you have bulk materials or material fulfillment requirements, we provide you with a secure, integrated solution.  We offer the necessary capability and infrastructure to help you achieve your supply and distribution goals. 

Fungible management

Fungible pertains to your corporate commodities such as copy paper, your brochures, or even business forms.  Archive Corporation can store these for you in bulk and distribute them to you on an as needed basis. Our fungible management services allow your organization to:

  • Eliminate costly in-house storage space
  • Reduce administrative overhead expenses
  • Securely manage your adjacency items
  • Streamline business processes
All items are stored on pallets, barcoded and tracked within our storage facility.  We maintain over 60,000 square feet of NARA approved storage facilities equipped with state of art fire detection/suppression and security systems.  The confidentiality of your fungible items is always ensured through strict access control that is limited to our screened staff.  When you need an item or box of material, we simply retrieve it from its designated location and securely deliver it to your facility the next business day.

Logistics and pallet storage

Archive Corporation also offers our clients secure logistics and pallet storage.  If you have an item that requires a safeguarded repository we can store it for you as long as it fits in our shelving. A standard bay measures 112 in x 33 1/4 in x 47 3/4 in.  Just let us know what and when you need it stored and we’ll take care of the rest!

Pallet storage is an ideal solution for dormant or inactive information that has yet to expire.  Our pallet racking allows for the storage of pallets meeting the maximum measurement requirements of 42”L x 48”W x 60”H.  You simply label your pallets with your internal reference information and we’ll pick them up from your facility and securely transfer them to our storage repository.  When you need them, we get them to you without a hassle.

To find out more about our any of our logistic forms and fungible management services, please contact us by phone or fill in the form on the page. 

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