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Archive Corporation is a family-owned and operated records management company that has been handling the data and document storage needs of clients for 40 years. We are proud to offer complete data management services to clients of any size. Our service area extends from Gainesville in northern Florida to the Miami-Dade area in the southern part of the state.

We provide your business with a comprehensive solution

for organizing and protecting your business information.

From creation – to archival retention – to eventual disposal, we’ll manage the entire lifecycle of your records and data, so you can do what you do best. You can rely on our time-tested set of protective systems and standards to keep your records and data safeguarded, yet easily accessible at any given moment.

Our Services

If you are currently storing paper documents in file boxes at your office, home, or in self-storage you are doing it the hard way. Your records are at great risk of damage, loss, and deterioration, and you are probably at risk of non-compliance penalties.

How are these files organized? What’s in each box? Who will find the needed files and return them later? Storing paper files – that you don’t need now but have to keep – is a job best handled by the professional records management experts at Archive Corporation. With Archive Corporation records management, you don’t just get file box storage. Our records management services protect your records (including special sizes and formats), barcode your files (creating an audit trail), help you manage your active files, and provide record retrieval and delivery 24/7, 365 days a year.

Now that it is so easy to use, send, and store digital documents, the paper-only workplace is a thing of the past. Still, many businesses have the need to work with some paper documents, and many have mountains of old paper files that must be retained. For companies who want to clear their workplace of paper files, document scanning can be a game changer.

Archive Corporation’s document scanning services help our clients simplify records storage and retrieval. We offer several scanning services options including scan on demand, conversion scanning, and project scanning. Together we can create an effective, affordable scanning solution for you. Archive Corporation is one of the few scanning service companies in Florida, that scan large-size and fragile materials including blueprints, historical documents, antique photographs, and other categories of materials that need special handling. In fact, we specialize in scanning unusual items that other companies can’t or won’t touch. We are glad to “go the extra mile” to provide this service when our clients need it. Contact us today to discuss your special scanning project.

Is your business data secure? If you store data on tapes, CDs, or other media in your office, or at home, they are vulnerable to theft, fire, flood, and storm damage. Let Archive Corporation protect them in our vault – a secure, concrete, and steel storage facility that was built for keeping valuable data safe. Not only are your media assets safeguarded from catastrophe, but they are also stored in a climate-controlled environment that is protected from unauthorized access.

Our data storage inventory management system ensures your assets can be located easily, our customized media rotation schedules include pickup and delivery at your preferred intervals, and our online portal lets you view your entire media inventory and request an unscheduled delivery whenever needed – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

To run a successful business, you must be able to access your data and keep it protected from harm (e.g. physical damage or bad actors). Archive Corporation’s cloud backup services can help ensure your data is protected, safe, and available.

Our cloud services provide your organization with the essential infrastructure, systems, and expertise you need to use, store, and protect company data without a large capital investment. Archive Corporation’s cloud services eliminate the need to hire IT staff, buy servers and software, and establish an in-house data backup system.

Why You Should Choose Us

Competitive Pricing

Comparable pricing per cubic foot (an industry standard)


24/7/365 access for all of your needs


Authorized for NARA storage; HiTech, HIPAA, Graham-Leach Bliley, Sarbanes-Oxley compliant.


We have 40 years of experience in records management and data protection.


24/7 monitoring, unique passwords for online access, GPS monitoring on fleet vehicles, and

Personalized, Local Focus with a National Scope

Throughout the years, businesses within the Greater Tampa Bay Area and surrounding counties have come to rely on us for professionalism and exceptional service. As a founding member of National Records Center, we’re able to extend our reach to clients on a national basis. This allows us to offer the same competitive pricing, reliable customer care, and ever-present accountability to customers with a reach beyond the Sunshine State.

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