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Scanning Services

Managing the paper trail of your business records can be an overwhelming task.  Documents need to be properly stored, managed and accessed in a timely manner in order to support business processes and meet regulatory requirements.  But paper records can easily be misplaced, misfiled and mishandled.  Having your critical business data in a searchable and accessible format can save you time, money and unnecessary headaches.

A full suite of scanning solutions
Archive Corporation helps businesses throughout Greater Tampa Bay Area and surrounding counties with an affordable and convenient solution for the successful conversion of paper records into a digital file format.  We strive to understand your unique business requirements in order to customize your scanning project to best fit your business needs and budget.  Whether you’re a small business owner, a healthcare practice bound by HIPAA and HITECH regulations, or a financial institution striving to meet the demands of FACTA, SOX, or GLB requirements, we’ll tailor a fully compliant, time efficient solution for your organization.  We offer a full range of scanning services including:
  • Project imaging
  • Conversion scanning
  • Scan on demand
  • Online repository
  • Email management
Eliminate the risks of in-house scanning
Many businesses attempt in-house scanning projects without having the necessary expertise which can lead to less than desirable outcomes including:
  • Exorbitant overhead costs
  • Unnecessary capital expenses
  • Compromised document security
  • Misplaced files
  • Overworked and frustrated staff
We eliminate these risks by applying comprehensive, professional knowledge, state of the art scanning equipment, and time tested systems and processes that guarantee a secure, accurate and timely conversion.
Helping you meet your paperless goals
Each project begins with a thorough consultation to determine your organizational goals.  We’ll help you consider key factors that not only allow you to achieve these goals but also maximize the end results for your organization.  Our process includes meeting with key stakeholders within your organization for desired outcomes, departmental considerations and organization wide legal and regulatory obligations.  During the imaging phase, we employ a systematic approach with high attention to detail combined with professional high speed scanning equipment and software.  From inception to completion, our goal is to minimize internal disruptions to your business, so you can continue to focus on your core competencies.
Commitment to information security
As always, we are committed to preserving the security of your business records throughout the scanning and conversion process.  Our screened scanning professionals are trained to handle private and confidential information, while maintaining a strict chain of custody during the transfer, scanning, conversion, and delivery phases.

To find out more about how our document scanning solutions can help reduce your businesses’ reliance on paper and lead to a more efficient organization, please contact us by phone or fill in the form on the page.

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