Scanning Services

Having your critical business data in a digitized, searchable, accessible format can save your company time, money, and unnecessary headaches.  No one wants to comb through file cabinets, or even worse, boxes of records to find a paper document that is seldom referenced but needed now.  In the best of circumstances, you may find it relatively quickly in your file archiving system.  But what if it was mislabeled, or misfiled?  You might as well be looking for the proverbial needle in a haystack.

Archive Corporation’s scanning services convert your paper business files into a convenient, digital format that makes it possible for you to locate needed documents in a matter of seconds, rather than days, hours, or minutes.

Business Scanning Solutions

Archive Corporation helps businesses throughout Florida, from Gainesville in the north to the Miami-Dade area in the south, with an affordable and convenient solution for the successful conversion of paper records into a digital file format.  We strive to understand your unique business requirements in order to customize your scanning project to best fit your business needs and budget.  Regardless of industry or complexity of the project, we can tailor a secure, fully compliant, time-efficient solution for your organization.

For companies who need to reduce or eliminate their reliance on paper documents, we offer several scanning solutions: 

  • Conversion Scanning
  • Scan-on-Demand Services
  • Project Imaging
  • Specialty Scanning Services

After scanning, we can send your files to you in any format you prefer or send them to you via SFTP via a secure link.

Read on to find out which of our customizable scanning services is right for you.

Mass Document Scanning

Archive Corporation’s mass document scanning (also called conversion scanning) is an affordable and convenient solution for the successful conversion of all your paper records into a digital file format.  With this service, your company can realize these benefits:

  • Decreased in-house file storage requirements
  • Recaptured office space
  • Improved regulatory compliance and data security
  • Enhanced information sharing and collaboration

Imaging and conversion of your back file documents allows you to store and retrieve your most critical business records, encrypted for safety, on your preferred media type, or on your server.  

Our Mass Document

Scanning Process

Our conversion scanning services incorporate a multi-step process.  We begin with an initial consultation to learn your organizational needs and requirements.  We meet with the key stakeholders in your business to create a plan that considers both individual and departmental needs.

To design a plan for your project, we assess

  • Indexing requirements
  • Search prerequisites
  • Accessibility and sharing needs
  • Security requirements

After planning is complete, your business files are transferred to our secure document scanning facility to be prepped. Archive Corporation is committed to preserving the security of your business records during the conversion process.  Our experts are trained to handle private and confidential information and we maintain a strict chain of custody protocol throughout.  

We use high-speed, production grade scanners to capture and convert your hardcopy data into a digital format. Each step of the way, quality control procedures ensure that each data image is precisely captured.  Your digital data is then transferred to your preferred media storage format or stored in your system or on your server.  With your file inventory stored in the cloud, your documents can be accessed (and tracked) from anywhere there is an Internet connection.

Scan-on-Demand Services

While an increasing number of organizations are moving towards a more “paperless” office, scanning the entirety of your records inventory may not be the most cost effective option for your business.  If you have records that you must keep but that you may seldom (if ever) need to access, our scan-on-demand services may be the perfect solution for you. 

Our scan-on-demand service combines the security of off site record storage with the accessibility of document scanning.  You save the costs associated with digitally converting all of your records by scanning files only when they are needed. Your files are securely stored but available at the drop of a dime.  

How Our Scan-on-Demand Solution Works

We’ll transfer your business records to our secure records storage center where they are barcoded for rapid retrieval, then stored in our climate-controlled environment.  When you request a document (by phone, email, or through our online portal), we retrieve the hardcopy paper record from its assigned location and scan it to PDFA.

The electronic document is then uploaded to a secure file management site such as Drop Box.  Once scanned, electronic documents can then serve as permanent records or easily be merged into an existing document management database.  

Scan-on-demand service benefits include

  • Reduced digitization costs
  • Compliance with 2014 HIPAA regulations
  • Fast retrieval turnaround
  • Anytime, anywhere access

No matter your location, our scan-on-demand service offers easy, convenient retrieval and delivery of your files.  All you need is Internet and email access!

Project Scanning

For those who don’t want mass document scanning or scan-on-demand services, our project scanning service can be the perfect solution. This service digitizes a smaller, set number of active files.  This allows for

  • Improved workflow processes
  • Regained office space
  • Recaptured time and money spent managing paper
  • Better document sharing and collaboration
  • Faster access to business records

 Our project scanning services feature the same detailed multi-step process as our larger scanning projects, meet most compliance requirements, and help minimize the security breaches associated with paper records.  Once your scanning project is completed, the electronic documents can be transferred to you via SFTP. 

Specialty Scanning Services

Archive Corporation has developed a reputation as one of the few document imaging companies that will scan unusual and hard-to-handle materials.  In fact, we commonly take on projects other scanning companies will not touch, scanning oversized, archival, and fragile documents and photographs.

We have successfully scanned historical documents, blueprints, antique photos, and very large materials that require special handling.  We tailor our scanning services to meet our clients’ needs, regardless of how difficult or challenging the project.  Bring us your oversized, fragile, and unusual scanning projects and we will handle them with the care and attention they deserve!

Call Archive Corporation for Document Scanning Services

When Archive Corporation handles your company’s business scanning, you not only save time and money, but you also minimize internal disruptions to your business, so you can continue to focus on your core competencies.

To find out more about how our document scanning solutions can help reduce your businesses’ reliance on paper and lead to a more efficient streamlined organization, contact us today!

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