Off-Site Tape Storage Secures Your Business Data

At the end of a productive day at the office, do you have peace of mind knowing that your vital data is safe and secure?  Do you back up your daily work and then leave your backup media:

  • In your desk
  • In your office
  • Inside a safe onsite

While you may think that you’re taking the right precautionary measures to protect your business data, if you answered “yes” to any of the above you could be at a much greater risk than you think.  The effectiveness of backing up your business data is only as strong as the steps you take to make sure that your information is secured and preserved in a safe environment. What will happen to your data in the event of:

  • An office fire
  • A flood in your building or business park
  • Any catastrophic incident that prevents you from accessing your facilities and IT infrastructure

The reality is fire, floods, and freak accidents happen.  Any of these unwanted events could displace you from your office, damage or destroy your office technology, and paralyze your daily business operations.  Businesses in Florida are especially vulnerable, given the common occurrence of hurricanes.  Protecting your vital business data is of the utmost importance.

Off-Site Tape/Media Storage for Florida

Archive Corporation tape backup storage provides data protection solutions for Florida businesses from Gainesville in the north to Miami-Dade in the south, and we want to be your off-site tape storage provider.  Our purpose-built concrete and steel data storage facility affords the ultimate protection for your backup media assets.  

Our off-site media storage service offers the following features:

  • 24/7/365 Surveillance
  • Halon Fire Suppression System
  • Temperature & Humidity Regulation
  • Media-Specific Racking Systems

At your convenience, one of Archive Corporation’s uniformed associates will retrieve the media that you wish to store in our safe, off-site environment from your location.  Our shock/impact-resistant, lockable cases protect your tapes and other media from debris, foreign contaminants, extremes in temperature or humidity, and tampering.  Whatever the media you need to store, we have a case to fit it.

Tape Exchange, Rotation & Tracking

Once inside our facility, your media is barcoded and stored, in their transport cases, on size-specific shelving.  Each barcode has a unique number to ensure your individual media cannot be easily identified without one of our expert vault technicians. 

For added peace of mind, no client names are used on any media (just numbers) and there are no data readers of any type available.  (Note that our barcoding system does not affect how you name your files.) From the time your media is sealed in the secure transport case and handed off to our driver until the time it is returned to you, your encrypted data is inaccessible.

Media Exchange

& Rotation Scheduling

Our off-site tape storage service was designed with our clients in mind:

  • You control media return dates
  • You select authorized users
  • You help create a custom media rotation schedule
  • Unscheduled pickups and deliveries available
  • 24 – 7- 365  data accessibility
  • 3-hour delivery guarantee

Daily, weekly, and monthly scheduled media rotations are available, as well as some custom rotations.  

You may request your media, by volume or individually, by using our complimentary 3-part forms, via email, or by placing an online request through our secur

Media Tracking

Our barcoding software allows you complete visibility to the location of your backup media.  You may log in to our customer portal and view a real-time snapshot of everything you currently have stored with us.  Query options allow you to instantly view inventory with any number of parameters you have specified.

You may track your tapes location at all times and these records are available to you in the event of an audit or for any reason at all.  Data is live, This information will only be released to your authorized company representative, and is password-protected via the portal.

Special Media Exchange

You can’t plan your disasters, but Archive can help you be better prepared for them.  Archive Corporation offers special media exchange services in the event that you need to access your off-site media before your next scheduled pickup.  You can reach an Archive associate 24 hours a day/7 days a week.  An emergency after hours request will be processed so that your media should arrive in less than three hours from the moment we speak with you, no matter where in the Tampa Bay area you may be.

Call Archive Corporation for Tape Backup Storage Services

When Archive Corporation handles your company’s off-site tape backup storage services, you gain the peace of mind that comes with knowing your critical data is protected from loss, and available to you in the event of equipment failure, fire, flood, or other disaster.

To find out more about how our off-site tape storage solutions can protect your vital company data – and give you greater peace of mind – contact us today!

For emergencies after hours:
(813) 240-4774 or (727) 342-0388