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Records Management

These days, having a proper handle on your business records is crucial.  Not only do you need to be able to quickly and efficiently retrieve files to support your business processes and deliver excellent customer service, but you also have a legal and regulatory responsibility to retain and preserve critical business documents.  As a result, it’s important to have a records management strategy in place for your organization.

Archive Corporation provides your business with a comprehensive endpoint solution for organizing and protecting your records.  We help you manage your records from cradle to grave by offering the following records management services:

  • Archival and active file storage
  • Document imaging services
  • Retention management
  • Inventory indexing
  • Document shredding
  • Data protection
The highest security for your business records
In a dynamic business environment, there’s a variety of risks that can compromise your data including:
  • Natural disasters
  • Employee malfeasance
  • Theft
  • Lost or misplaced information

Archive Corporation provides the ultimate security solution for your critical business files by offering a 60,000 square foot facility that meets the National Archives and Records Administration’s (NARA) standards for the archival storage of government documents as outlined in 36 CRF Part 1234.  This ensures the privacy of your offsite inventory throughout the retention lifecycle and reduces the risk of your business data being compromised.

Management of offsite retention
We’ve also implemented a comprehensive inventory management system that allows for thorough organization of your records.  Barcode tracking technology facilitates the quick retrieval of your cartons or individual files in order to meet even the most time sensitive requests.  Our secure web interface allows you a full range of functionality that includes:
  • Pickup and delivery scheduling
  • Request status updates
  • Customized reporting
  • Box description editing
In essence, we provide you with a fully compliant audit trail for your offsite inventory that supports your business operations and maximizes your productivity.
Closing the loop with secure destruction
Of course, it’s not all about storage and retrieval.  Making sure that your records are properly disposed of is also crucial to records management best practices.  Our document shredding services provide a secure solution for the proper disposal of both archival retention as well as the day-to-day final disposition confidential office documents.  Our document destruction services feature:
  • HIPAA and FACTA compliance
  • Double shred system
  • Documented chain of custody
  • Certificate of destruction

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