The Archive Corporation Team

Our in-house staff consists of a few pivotal individuals who have been with our firm for several years:

Archive Corporation strives to maintain a high level of today’s technology within our Imaging Department.  Our team handles anything from individual files to entire back-file conversions.  We also have taken care of city and county historic documents and large format legacy items.  Having your records digitized will put them at your fingertips.

In addition, our warehouse staff has more than 10 years’ experience.  They are adept at all aspects of running the records facility warehouse with precision.  Boxes are pulled and put up daily, inventories are done, files are pulled and handled with the utmost care and confidentiality.

Archive Corporation has a team of Delivery Drivers that strive to be the best face of Archive Corporation that our clients see.  They expertly handle the needs of our clients for every delivery and pickup of media or items for destruction.  Most of our team has been with us for five years or more.

In any company you cannot forget the people who market and sell the services that are offered.  Our sales team strives to gain the trust and loyalty to our potential clients by extending those key traits to them first.  Archive Corporation prefers “face time” with people and less of the electronic contact to let our current and future clients know that they are like family and we promote our services in friendly hands on environment.

Archive Corporation is run like a family with every member doing their part to make us a cohesive unit.

In Memory

Bob Baker

27 Year of Dedicated Service as VP of Operations
February 1988 ~ February 2015

Barbara Baker

37 Years of Dedicated Service as CFO and Founder
March 1985 ~ October 2021