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Records Storage

No matter the size of your business, it’s critical to properly maintain your business records.  Not only do you have an obligation to meet the retention requirements of local, state and federal regulations but also a responsibility to manage your critical information in a way that supports and strengthens your organization and clients.  Offsite records storage allows for the protection and management of your business documents and files throughout the retention lifecycle.

Tampa’s record storage resource
Archive Corporation provides businesses throughout the Greater Tampa Bay Area and surrounding counties with a secure and cost effective solution for preserving and managing their records.  Our clients compromise a wide range of industries each with specific retention needs.  Corporations, small businesses, government agencies and federal contractors seek our expertise in achieving:
  • Reduced office storage expenses
  • Better file organization and retrieval
  • Minimized staff requirements
  • Improved security for confidential documents
Our formula is simple:  we have a combination of facilities, systems and trained professionals that guarantees true records management for our clients.
Government compliant facilities

We maintain over 60,000 square feet of NARA approved storage facilities equipped with state of art fire detection/suppression and security systems.  The confidentiality of your records is ensured through strict access control that is limited to our screened staff. Each offsite inventory item is assigned a unique barcode label and shelf location and is tracked electronically through our inventory management system.

Comprehensive secure web-based portal

Our record management software not only allows us to receive and retrieve records by the container, file or inter-filed document, but also gives you the capacity to manage the entirety of your records inventory through a secure web interface.  With our web access module you have the ability to:

  • Add and retrieve records
  • Index cartons and files
  • Request services
  • Sort and query inventory by type, department, or retention period
  • Run reports
This user friendly database is fully customizable to the specific needs of your organization, providing you with a complete audit trail for your business records.
Records management professionals
Archive Corporation is proud of the team that serves our storage clients.  We train the most critically minded and customer service oriented individuals in all areas of records management.  Each staff member undergoes a thorough screening process prior to employment and is expertly trained in the handling and protection of confidential and private information.

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