Cloud Backup

Regular backup is the single most important measure you can take to protect your critical business data.  However, implementing and maintaining a regular backup schedule can be a daunting and altogether frustrating process.  Small businesses especially lack the resources and methods for establishing a disciplined data protection approach. The costs and considerations associated with utilizing the proper hardware, software and administrative resources for backup often represent stumbling blocks that get in the way of properly preserving and protecting data.

Trusted Security Within a Government Compliant Facility

cloud backup technology hardware secured safely in an offsite location.

Once you consider the numerous risks that can lead to data loss and ultimately end up costing you your business, it’s worth looking at an outsourced solution.  Even if you’re currently backing up to tape, if your media is not stored in a secure offsite location, you run the risk of backup information being stolen and/or damaged due to fluctuations in temperature and humidity.  The repercussions of data loss can include:

  • Regulatory non-compliance
  • Privacy violations
  • Legal and civil proceedings
  • Bad publicity

Furthermore, backup data serves as the foundation of a disaster recovery plan which ensures survivability after a catastrophic event.

Strengthening your data protection plan with a cloud solution.

Archive Corporation’s cloud backup service eliminates these risks and serves as the foundation of a strengthened disaster recovery and information security plan for you business. We eliminate the need to make costly hardware and software investments while taking the onus off of your administrative staff to manage a regular backup schedule.  Essentially, we allow you to achieve a worry free solution for protecting your business information.

The Convenience &
Reliability of Remove Backup

Our cloud backup solution works by remotely backing up your business data after hours.  With a secure online connection, your information is encrypted and digitally sent to our electronic vault.  Prior to implementing a solution we’ll help you define exactly what data needs to be backed up in order to ensure business continuity for your organization.  In the event of a disaster or incident involving data loss, your information can easily and quickly be deployed to any location in order to facilitate the restoration process.

Our cloud backup provides your business with:

  • Data loss prevention for numerous offices or facilities
  • Remote restoration of data directly to a designated hot site
  • Complete data protection for laptops, desktops and servers
  • A “virtual” information technology specialist

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