How to Choose a Records Storage Company

Choosing the right records storage company for your needs is extremely important. Not only do you want to know that your records are safe and secure, but you have to be able to access them as needed. 

If you don’t have proper records storage and management, you may not have the security you want or expect. The facility could allow unauthorized people to gain access, or keep authorized employees out due to miscommunication, time of day, or other factors. 

Fortunately, it’s possible to get the right company to help with your offsite records storage, so you can put your worries to rest and still confidently access your company’s records anytime you need to.

The Advantages of Outsourcing Records Storage

When you outsource your documents to a records storage facility you gain some big benefits for your company. One of the largest and often overlooked benefits is space. Physical records take up a lot of room, and they become heavy and bulky as they accumulate over time. 

Document management solutions that are off your company’s premises give you back room at your facility that you can use for other aspects of your business. Additionally, you can have more security with an outsourced option, because you can control who has access to the records at the facility through a key or code that’s only provided to specific employees.

You’ll often save money with a records storage company, too, because you won’t have to pay an employee at your company to organize and handle records management, or hire additional security to protect a room or storage space at your company. There won’t be any need to modify an area of your building to hold the records, either, so you can reduce those kinds of expenses.

Essential Factors to Consider in a Records Storage Company

When you’re looking for a quality, trusted records storage company to meet your needs, there are some specific and essential factors you want to look for. Finding the right company can make a significant difference in how well your records are managed and how secure they are, so choosing a company with the right options and abilities is vital. 

Before you choose a secure records storage company, make sure you consider that company’s:

  • Reputation and Experience With Proper Record Storage
  • Security Measures to Protect Your Records
  • Accessibility and Retrieval Options for Your Stored Documents
  • Range of Services Offered and Whether Those Meet Your Needs
  • Pricing Structure and Fees for the Services You Need
  • Customer Support Availability to Answer Your Questions

Most companies will have some similar offerings, but there will be differences in price, access, and security that could make or break the quality and value of a particular company. Don’t settle for less when you know you need a specific type of experience from your records storage company.

Exploring Different Types of Records Storage Services

There are several ways to store records, and which one works for you depends on the kind of business you have, how much space your records take up, whether they’re sensitive and need additional security, and other factors. When you need a storage solution but you’re not sure which one to select, understanding your options and how they differ can help.

Offsite records storage is exactly what the name implies. It’s a space that’s not at your facility or job site, where you can store records related to your business. That can be office space, a commercial storage facility, or even your home garage. For many businesses, a secure and protected storage option is the best choice.

Document management solutions typically take place offsite, as well, but they’re more complex than just storage. These solutions offer more security, controlled access, and other perks that a standard storage facility may not offer.

There are also both physical and digital storage options with document management solutions, so you can store boxes of paper records, have digital copies in the cloud, and make it easier to find what you’re looking for quickly and efficiently, when you have to access records.

With the right company for records storage and document management, you can trust professionals to scan records into digital storage, protect them securely, and also manage and store your physical records for as long as you need.  

FAQs: Key Questions to Ask Your Potential Records Storage Provider

Don’t be afraid to ask questions before choosing your records storage provider. Here are some of the most common questions you might want to ask.

What should I look for in a records storage company?

Look for a company that offers you the services your company needs at a price you’re comfortable with, so you know you’re getting value and your records are being stored securely.

How do I choose the right document storage service for my business?

The right document storage for your business is the one that meets your needs and gives you the services you require. Shopping around and asking questions can help you find a company that offers you good solutions.

What is offsite records storage and why is it important?

Offsite records storage is the ability to store your records in a facility that’s not on your company’s property. That can save you space, time, and money, and help protect your records.

How much does it cost to store records with a professional company?

The price of storing records with a professional company can vary, depending on the number of records you have, your location, and the kind of storage and security solutions you need.

What security measures should a records storage company have in place?

Records storage companies should have controlled access, so your records are secure. Also look for one that offers availability when you need it, and customer support for any questions you have.

How can I ensure quick and easy access to my stored documents?

By choosing a storage company that offers access to your documents when you need them, you can get to them quickly. Another good way to get quick access is to have a backup copy stored in the cloud.

What are the benefits of using a records management service?

By using a records management service you can let the professionals handle your company’s document storage and management. That can include secure physical storage, scanning copies into the cloud, and secure digital storage with ease of access for your company.

How do digital and physical records storage options differ?

Physical records storage options take up a lot of space, and you need a facility that’s secure but also accessible to you when needed. Digital records are generally stored in the cloud, and they can be accessed on a 24/7 basis but also have good security measures.

Making the Best Decision for Your Document Storage Needs

To make the right decision for document storage and meet your company’s needs, look for a records storage and document management solutions company that offers both physical and digital storage options, ease of access, and good security. That way you can get to your records when you need them, but you’ll have plenty of peace of mind.

Take your time when choosing a records storage company. That will help you get the best one for your specific needs. When you’re ready to work with a trusted company, reach out to us at  Archive Corporation  and let us meet your document management and record storage needs.

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